About Us

Fashions Cloth is a product by  Mishwa Creation. We are the most Innovative standard-size clothing brand available worldwide. We are on a mission to foster style in urban businessmen. We marry contemporary product design and technology with old-school tailoring techniques to bring you a high-quality yet affordable product.

We believe in making a man look sharp at all times and all season. Fashions Cloth is a modern man's fashion brand that brings sharp and minimal design aesthetics. We are a brand where the fit and structure, taste for elegance and style, and the modern consumer are our utmost priority. Our team has the most dynamic people who hold similar tastes but have a different approaches. We are very particular about the craftsmanship that goes into making every shirt, at the same time ensuring that it is affordable.

We are a strong believer in "Quality is always in trend". At Fashions Cloth , much attention is paid to the provenance of our raw materials, especially our fabrics. We work with only a handful of suppliers across the world, to bring you only the best quality Rayon Cotton, Ruby cotton, and Lycra for shirts. Our fabrics are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage, and in certain cases, treated with Enzymes to give a softer, more comfortable feel. Many of our fabrics are treated with easy-care washes, to make ironing easier. Ultimately, the selection of your dress fabric will be a careful consideration of the Ply, Count, Composition, and Weave.